Refractory Ceramic Fibre

Semiconductor diffusion furnace


  • Various styles of resistance wire heating furnace.
  • Micro experimental electric furnacelarge heat treatmentelectric furnace.
  • Pipe heater.
  • Thick film circuit, lithium battery and other powder material firing equipment


    Ceramic fiber insulation sleeves and liners are generally used in high-temperature fields with heating elements, and the operating temperature can reach 1600 degrees. They can be customized into various shapes according to requirements, and matching high-temperature sealing liners can be provided. Product Features Low thermal conductivity, high temperature stability, uniform density, thermal shock resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, light weight, easy to cut, high precision, increase installation speed, no slag, no cracking. It is mainly used as a heating device for tubular hot wall systems in industries such as semiconductors, power devices, and integrated circuits.


    On-demand production, support drawing and sample processing and customization.
    Packing method: wooden box packing.


    • Fast heat transfer, uniform heating and stable work.
    • The temperature does not leak, which can save electricity. The cover is not hot when touched by hand, so it is safe to work.
    • The power of the product is high, and the power is 0.5~1.5 times higher than that of ordinary products by adopting the ceramic belt threading method.
    • European and American high-temperature-resistant heating wire has the characteristics of fast heat dissipation, uniform heating, and high temperature stability, and can be used at 600-800°C for a long time.
    • Long product life, because the aging of raw materials is relatively slow at high temperature, so the product life is long.
    • Meet the technical requirements of the national GB. Power deviation +3%∽-5%.
    • Electric strength: 1500v/50hz sinusoidal AC voltage test, no breakdown after 1min.
    • High mechanical strength, good thermal insulation performance, large contact surface with heated objects, and long service life.
    • Easy installation and maintenance, low cost of use. Even if the internal heating material is damaged, the external ceramic device can still be reused.


    The electric heating element is combined with ceramic fiber insulation layer, which has low thermal conductivity and good thermal insulation performance; Reqular shapeflexible and rapic installation; Good strength,no crackingno dust;Low heat capacity,Fast heating rate and saving cost.


    Pipeline industry

    Pipe heater

    Machinery Industry

    Heating furnace are widely used in the high temperature section of the machinery industry

    Chemical Industry

    Heating furnace are widely used in many high temperature sections of the chemical industry

    Diffusion Furnace

    Electric heating furnace are widely used in laboratory electric furnaces, which have good thermal insulation performance

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