Ceramic Glass Introduction

Our engineered solutions for dry ceramic and glass furnaces increase productivity by reducing energy consumption, emissions and operating costs, and maximizing space and process efficiency.

We produce ceramic fiber boards in standard and custom shapes, with reliable strength and excellent thermal insulation over the temperature range, and are widely used in roller kilns, shuttle kilns, tunnel kilns and glass furnaces.

Our engineers specialize in custom insulation solutions and material selections for demanding ceramic and glass kiln applications, and provide your operation with greater productivity and environmental sustainability.

Ceramic kilns present significant challenges for the application of low thermal mass linings due to their high operating temperatures and demanding production schedules. Kiln operators are looking for continuous operation, low maintenance and minimal downtime. All of these requirements must be sustained while providing maximum energy savings. Hengrui’s high-temperature product line combines extensive application engineering experience gained over the years in various industrial sectors to achieve the above goals.

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