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Glass tempering furnace roller bricks


  • Glass tempering furnace roller thermal insulation

    Ceramic fibre roller insulation bricks are widely used in glass tempering furnaces for their excellent thermal insulation properties. These bricks are designed to be installed on the roller conveyor system which transports the glass through the furnace. By using these bricks, the furnace can maintain a consistent temperature throughout the process, ensuring that the glass is tempered evenly.

    Technical Index

    Vacuum Formed ShapesHR1260HPHR1350HAHR1430HZHR1600PMFHR1700PMFHR1800PMF
    Max·Service Temperature126013501430150016001700
    (24h)Linear shrinkage(After burning)≤3.0(1000)≤3.0(1100)≤3.0(1300)≤2.0(1450)≤2.0(1550)≤2.0(1550)
    (Mpa)Modulus of Rupture≧0.6≧0.6≧0.6≧0.2≧0.2≧0.2
     (W/m.k)Thermal Conductivity Rate400℃0.08-----
    Chemical Composition(After burning)Al2O3≥44≥46≥37≥70≥72≥74
    (specifications)(Non-standardized products, supporting the processing of drawings and samples.)
    (Package)(Carton or Wooden)
    Recommended using temperature: In oxidizing or neutral atmosphere, 100 ~250℃ lower than the maximum service temperature, In reductive atmosphere, 200 ~350℃ lower than the maximum service temperature.


    1. Can be made into various of complex shapes, high dimension accuracy.
    2. Contact with flame directly,no odor and volatile gases at high temperatures.
    3. High mechanical strength,resistance to gas flow.
    4. Low shrinkage,low thermal conductivity.
    5. Excellent strength in high temperature and thermal stability.


    Glass tempering furnace.

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