Soaking Furnace

Soaking Furnace Introduction

Production time: 2022
Location: Philippines
Equipments: 6T oil gas fired steam boiler

The soaking furnace is a metallurgical industrial furnace for heating steel ingots in the blooming mill. It is an intermittent varied-temperature furnace. The process is that hot steel ingots are demolded from the steelmaking plant, sent to the blooming mill for billeting, and heated in the soaking furnace before rolling and soaking. The furnace temperature can reach as high as 1350~1400℃. The soaking furnaces are all pit-shaped, sized 7900×4000×5000mm, 5500×2320×4100mm, and generally 2 to 4 furnace pits are connected in a group.Due to the operating temperatures and working characteristics of the soaking furnace, the inner lining of the soaking furnace often suffers from slag erosion, steel ingot impact and rapid temperature changes during the working process, especially on the furnace walls and the bottom of the furnace.

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