Photovoltaic Semiconductor Furnace

Diffusion Furnace

Production time: 2023
Location: China
Equipments:Horizontal LPCVD/PECVD

Diffusion furnace is one of the important process equipment in the pre-process of semiconductor production line. It is used for diffusion, oxidation, annealing, alloying and sintering processes in industries such as large-scale integrated circuits, discrete devices, power electronics, optoelectronic devices and optical fibers.

There are two types of diffusion furnaces: vertical and horizontal.

In the vertical diffusion furnace, the quartz boat is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, which is more conducive to the transfer of silicon wafers by the manipulator, and the consistency of the process parameters within the wafer is better.

The horizontal diffusion furnace is a quartz boat parallel to the horizontal plane. One can have 4 or more process furnace tubes. The average area of the furnace tube is smaller, and the process parameters between the plates are better than the vertical diffusion furnace.

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