Refractory Ceramic Fibre

Ceramic Fiber Blown Bulk


  • Filling sealing and insulation at high temperatures(kiln car, pipeline, kiln door, etc.)
  • Composite material in fiber industry( friction plate, etc.)
  • Expansion joint filler material for firebricks and castable.
  • Filler for short time insulation.
  • Thermal insulation filing material for small corner.
  • Raw materials for ceramic fiber further processing products.


    Ceramic fiber blown cotton is made by melting high-purity raw materials at high temperature and using blowing method. The product has uniform diameter and white color.The physical property like refractory and insulation keep same when meet with oil,water or steam.

    Ceramic fiber blanket/ felt/ board/ paper/ cloth/ rope and other ceramic fiber products can be produced by bulk through further processing. Hengrui ceramic fiber bulk is a kind of insulating materials which has these characteristics, such as light-weight, anti-oxidation, low thermal conductivity, softness, anti-corrosion, low heat capacity, sound insulation and so on.

    Technical Index

    Blown Bulk FiberHR1050C-BFHR1260ST-BFHR1260HP-BFHR1350HA-BFHR1400LZ-BFHR1430HZ-BFHR1500Cr-BFHR1600PCF-BF
    Max·Service Temp. 1050 1260 1260 1350 1400 1430 1500 1600
    Shot Content(%)(θ≥0.212mm) ≤22 ≤22 ≤20 ≤20 ≤18 ≤18 ≤20 ≤3
    Fiber Diameter(um)3-52-43-52-43-53-53-53-6
    Chemical Composition(%)Al2O3≥38≥42≥4552-55≥37≥37≥37≥70
    Chemical Composition(%)Al2O3+SiO2≥97.0≥98.0≥98.0≥98.0≥92≥83≥93≥99
    Chemical Composition(%)ZrO2----5-715-17--
    Chemical Composition(%)Cr2O3------3-5-
    Chemical Composition(%)Others≤2.0≤2.0≤2.0≤2.0≤2.0≤2.0≤2.0≤1.0
    PackagePacking in bags or cartons,20kg/ bag or 10kg/ carton
    Recommended using temperature: In oxidizing or neutral atmosphere, 100 ~250℃ lower than the maximum service temperature, In reductive atmosphere, 200 ~350℃ lower than the maximum service temperature.


    1. Precise size and smooth surface.
    2. Easy to cut and install, and convenient to construct.
    3. Low impurity content; identical bulk density and thickness.
    4. Excellent mechanical and structural strength.
    5. Low thermal conductivity and low shrinkage.
    6. Ability to resist the scouring of airflow.


    scene 01

    Filling sealing and insulation at high temperatures(kiln car, pipeline, kiln door, etc.)

    scene 02

    Raw materials for Refractory spray coating.

    scene 03

    Raw materials for ceramic fiber board.

    scene 03

    Raw materials for ceramic fiber paper.

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