Ceramic Fiber Non-stick aluminum casting nozzle plate in Aluminum sheet and foil casting and rolling industry

Ceramic fiber nozzle plate is a critical component on the aluminum strip casting and rolling machine, and its quality directly affects the quality of the strip and the production yield.

The non-stick aluminum casting nozzle plate produced by Evans is made by blending ceramic fibers and other materials, which has good elasticity, no deformation, and long service life. Its special process can effectively prevent the aluminum liquid from corroding the casting nozzle and avoid carbide formation.

The uniform and smooth coating on the working surface prevents the occurrence of particle cracking and coating shedding. The structure and assembly of the casting nozzle are one of the key technologies of the double-roll continuous casting and rolling process, which directly affects the distribution of the metal liquid to the roll gap. Therefore, studying the three-dimensional flow field and temperature field distribution of the complex high-temperature and shallow aluminum melt in the large-width-to-thickness ratio and variable cross-section cavity has important practical significance.

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