Trolley Furnace

Trolley Furnace

Production time: 2017
Location: China
Equipments: 20m³ electronic heated furnace

Ceramic fibre modules are widely used in high-temperature industrial applications due to their excellent thermal insulation properties. In recent years, they have also been increasingly applied in bogie hearth furnaces, which are used for heat treatment processes such as annealing, quenching, and tempering.

Bogie hearth furnaces can be heated by either gas or electricity. Ceramic fibre modules are used as insulation materials in both types of furnaces to maintain a stable and uniform temperature, preventing heat loss and improving energy efficiency.

Compared with traditional insulation materials such as refractory bricks and castables, ceramic fiber modules have the advantages of high temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, and lightweight. They can effectively reduce the weight of the furnace equipment, improve the thermal insulation performance, and reduce energy consumption.

In addition, ceramic fibre modules can be easily installed and replaced, which greatly reduces maintenance costs and improves production efficiency. They also have good chemical stability, which ensures the long-term stability and reliability of the furnace equipment.

In conclusion, the application of ceramic fiber modules in bogie hearth furnaces is an effective way to improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment, regardless of whether the furnace is heated by gas or electricity.

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